Local Veterans Make a Lasting Impression on SGMHS Seniors


The Rotary Club of San Gabriel with the City of San Gabriel hosted a Veterans Recognition Luncheon on October 25, 2017. The Senior Class Board from San Gabriel Mission High School was invited to the event. Gabriela Abrego, Valerie Corletto Lopez, Zoe Rivera and Mia Santillan were given the privilege of meeting and talking with many veterans who served during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In their many discussions with the veterans, students discovered they had something in common with some of them; they all attended San Gabriel Mission High School. Some of those veterans who were also alumni were:  Charles Henkels ’56, Alvin Sanchez ‘60, Jose Valdez ‘66, Mike Valdez ‘68, Phil Valdez ‘’63 and Ralph Valdez’58.


The close-up-and-personal experience with all of the veterans made a lasting impression on the students. Gabriela commented, “What I will take from this experience is to be more grateful for my freedom because there are men and women putting their lives at risk so I can go to school and make something of myself. The experience truly changed my perspective on veterans and I will take it with me forever.”  Valerie said, “I felt privileged simply to talk with these veterans because they sacrificed so much to serve our country. This experience has allowed me to realize that I should appreciate my time with others because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.” Zoe commented about the veterans saying, “I truly felt honored to be speaking with them. It is not every day that I get to speak to such special individuals. It was fulfilling and interesting to learn about some of the veterans unique stories.”  Mia said, I think that I definitely gained a better sense of how many veterans are active in my community. It taught me that it’s good to just take a break from my life and listen to these brave men and women talk about their stories and how they fought for our country.”


This was truly a meaningful day that the students will never forget.


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